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- Our courses are aimed at learners  above18 years old (as from 16 years with parental consent).

- The courses and registration fees must be paid at least 10 days before the beginning of the course. We must receive the level test at least 10 days before the beginning of the course. Over the deadline, you will be able to register according to availibility.

- The registration fees (50€) are valid for 12 months starting from the registration date. They are not refundable, whatever the reason might be.

- Any started session is entirely due and no refunding shall be given.

- The student’s level is established by the Alliance Française. Students may not choose the level in which they will study. The Alliance Française cannot accept in a group course the registration of a student for whom speaking and writing skills are too different.

- Bank holidays neither are caught up with nor refunded; the rates are contractual and independent of the number of working days per session.

-In case if unexpected circumstances, the direction of the Alliance Française of Toulouse reserves the right to slightly modify the dates or the schedules without notice.

-Classes might be given by one or two teachers.

- If a student wishes to cancel his/her registration , he/she must inform  the Alliance  Française of Toulouse at the latest 10 days before the beginning of his/her course and send back the original of the certificate of registration. A 100€  fee will be retained for general and administration expenses. If the 10 days notice is not respected, a sum corresponding to a session of course shall be retained, for any type of course.

- The certificate of a long-time registration in our school can allow obtaining a long-stay student visa. Inquire carefully about the specific rules of each country. In case of application to a long-stay student visa, the student must pay at least 3 months and the balance on his arrival (possibility of paying by installment, upon written request to the direction). Balance shall be paid at least two months before the session of course concerned. Courses will not be postponed, credit is not transferrable. A one-month break will be tolerated, with a minimum 10-days notice.

- If the long-stay visa is not obtained, the student might be refunded providing that  the original of his/her certificate of registration or the proof of nonobtaining the visa is returned. In any case, 100€ will be retained by the Alliance Française for general and administration expenses. The 10-day notice applies in that case too.

Exams have to paid for. The rates are indicated when registrating. In case of cancellation by the customer, the examination fees shall not be refunded.

 Any bank charges incurred on payment of fees must be borne by the student. Non-French cheques and American Express acrds are not accepted.

- Insurances (health, accident, public liability) must be borne by the student, in his/her country of origin or in France. Public liability insurance is mandatory.

- Punctuality, full attendance and respect towards the people and the goods are required when enrolling the Alliance Française of Toulouse. Teachers have the right to refuse entry to students who arrive late. Each absence must be justified. Students with more than 3 absences will not receive the certificate of attendance. Any problems related to lack of attendance and/ or punctuality and/or inappropriate beahavior can lead to expulsion without refund or prevention from enrolling in future courses.

Complaints must be adressed in writing to the direction of the Alliance Française de Toulouse (9 place du Capitole – 31000 Toulouse).

- Any dispute falls exclusively within the jurisdiction of the courts of Toulouse and French law.

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Pedagogy used at the Alliance française de Toulouse

Our lessons are taught by teachers specialized in teaching French as a foreign language and language learning process.