Cultural visit of Toulouse

Cultural visit of Toulouse

Once a year, the Alliance Française de Toulouse welcomes a group of American high school students on a trip to the south of France.
This is a fun way to explore Toulouse with Astrid, our cultural activities officer.

Testimonials from Global Works Travel :

" I recently took part in a walking tour with Astrid from Alliance Française with a group of students. Astrid was truly fantastic, engaging effortlessly with the group and making sure everyone felt included and entertained. Her passion for Toulouse was evident as she shared fascinating historical anecdotes and fun facts that brought the city's rich heritage to life. One of the highlights of the visit was that it was an excellent opportunity to learn French. Astrid's clear and patient explanations in French made the visit an invaluable learning experience. The tour was well paced, allowing us to soak up the beauty of Toulouse whilst discovering its monuments, culture and hidden gems. I would highly recommend this tour to anyone visiting Toulouse. ! "

Camille and Eirann, trip leaders

And a word from the students :

We were grateful to start the visit with an ice cream! Astrid was very kind and explained things in French slowly and clearly so that we could understand. We loved the macaroons and the opportunity to sit by the river and taste them.

Sophie and Sloane - Students

If you would like to organise group visits, please contact us:
For more information, see the "A la carte activities" section at the bottom of this page. this page

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