What is TCF IRN? 

The TCF IRN, Intégration, Résidence et Nationalité, is a French language test issued by the French Ministry of Education. It is valid for 2 years from the date of issue of the results. 

For whom and why?

The TCF IRN is aimed at foreign nationals aged 16 and over who need to prove their level of French for the purposes of :
 - an application to acquire French nationality ;
 - an application for a long-term residence permit ;
 - validation of A1 level as part of the OFII citizenship programme.


Listening comprehension: 20 questions, 15 minutes
Reading comprehension: 20 questions, 20 minutes
Written expression: 3 exercises, 30 minutes
Oral expression: 3 exercises


B1 level for access to French nationality
A1 level for residence permit

Friday 1.45pm-5pm
A1 to B1
From €120

Further information

Please note: You must send us the completed and signed registration form. Download the form by following the link below.

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