Online course charter

Online course charter

Alliance Française de Toulouse - Online course charter
Respecting confidentiality


Students are not authorised to record the sound and/or video of an Alliance Française de Toulouse course. The teacher is the only person authorised to activate the recording of his/her lesson for teaching purposes. All students concerned are informed at the beginning of the lesson.

Personal environment
We recommend :

  • Equip yourself with a computer or tablet with webcam and, if possible, headphones or earphones. with microphone for better sound quality;
  • Anticipate and work around possible connection problems wherever possible;
  •  As far as possible, follow the lesson in a quiet place. If the student is in In exceptional circumstances and with the teacher's agreement, he or she may attend the lesson if he or she is late for transport, provided that the microphone is not switched on to avoid disturbing the other students.


Behaviour during the course
Participants in the Alliance Française de Toulouse online courses undertake to :

  • As far as possible, arrive on time for class;
  • Notify the teacher in the event of lateness or foreseeable absence;
  • Behave in a respectful manner towards the other participants, do not interrupt them, by for example;
  •  Do not consume alcohol during the online course;
  •  Switch off their microphone, at the very least, if they need to talk to someone in their own environment. surroundings ;
  •  Participate in activities proposed by the teacher, within the limits of his/her skills in French, as for a face-to-face course;
  •  Connect to the Google Classroom the teacher to download the resources


In the event of a breach of confidentiality or behaviour that disrupts the smooth running of lessons, the school management may be called upon to intervene.

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